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The Tao of being trans

And you might ask yourself “Well how did i get here?”   I’m enjoying a cup of coffee , watching the fire i just started in the  wood stove. It’s 18 degrees outside and i’m thinking it’s going to be cold doing my Tai-Chi. It’s still dark out , dawn is an hour away. This has always been when i felt the most energized. Connected to the universe, though the jolt of caffeine as i’ve gotten older sure helps.

Well How did i get here? My transition pretty much complete for myself.  Most can’t fathom the path and obstacles I have overcome to find that peace of mind  , that soul warming comfort with myself ,That  Just about everyone else feels each morning when they wake, their only thought is what the day will bring. This is what most of the trans community strives for. That feeling that everything is in alignment. Like a yin yang symbol  the male of yang to the female of yin. The sun rise’s in the east and sets in the west. The constant that 99.4% of the rest of the world feel about their gender , being cisgender.  Cisgender has it origin in the Latin derived prefix cis-,meaning ‘on this side of ‘ , which the opposite of   trans-meaning ‘across from’ or ‘ on the other side of’.

I know i’ve tired of explaining myself , my very existence to everyone. Why can’t people just accept who we are. It’s like trying to understand the vastness of the universe. You can’t understand or fathom it. But you do accept it. The world accepts your religious beliefs, your political beliefs . There aren’t politicians trying to legislate your very being  out of existence, erase the word transgender from the government departments like the Trump administration did.. Nor do you have to spend countless hours explaining your very existence, trying to validate it to others . It’s hard enough that we  are trying to validate ourselves to ourselves.

How did i get here? Luck ? Cunning and deceitful  lies ?  No and no and no. I got here by listening. Listening to the mentors i’ve had. The lessons they taught , most not by design, but a lot  by example of the lives they lived. Seeing the moral compass each displayed. Most of my mentors never knew i saw them as such. I watched and tried the things that resonated with me. Found what worked for me. Whether it was from work , martial arts, a bit of wisdom shared over a drink. Look , learn and listen. I got here because i never stopped my forward motion toward my goal. I was like water flowing down a stream, nothing stopping me. Blending, going around any obstacle with ease. Flowing ever forward.

My coffee now finished , i hear the words of one of my mentors “Make a little progress each day”. He would be happy that i still practice and hear his voice though it’s been 35 years .  Now i’m going outside to do my  tai chi .



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