An Update on Friday’s Fundraiser!

Hi Fam and Happy Monday! To start the week with a burst of optimism, I thought I would provide an update on Friday’s fundraiser, Out, Loud & Proud starring Jonathan Charles Fox. Of course I’m biased but I think anyone who attended will attest to this being an outstanding evening. Jonathan is such a natural entertainer that he could keep you enraptured by describing a trip to the grocery store but learning of his resilience as he came to terms with his sexuality in an immensely homophobic world was inspiring. 


How did we do? We raised nearly $1250 for TriVersity! 


Now let’s say thank you, because the efforts of several made this event the success it was. First, this evening would not have been possible without the generosity of Jonathan and his adorable backup musician, Chuck Vassallo. We are beyond grateful to you both. Thank you to Gordon Graff with Upfront Exhibition Space for providing us with the perfect venue and to Mike Ward with the Outdoor Club of Port Jervis for providing us amazing lights and sound. The snack goodie bags provided by Mary Kraus kept stomach rumblings from disturbing the event…although someone did get in trouble for crinkling their bag! Thank you to Mary and thank you to Simone Kraus who checked folks in at the door. Thank you to Richard Bloomer for purchasing and carting waters and mixers to the event. And a big thank you goes to Wendy Stuart Kaplan for putting this event together and coordinating with all parties involved to make it a success. 

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you who attended or who support TriVersity in countless other ways. Achieving our mission is impossible without you. 

Much love to everyone and have a great week!



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