Starting Soon! ‘TriVersity Talk’ featuring Jason “Bea” Schmidt

LIVE TONIGHT, on Thursday, July 29th at 7 pm EDT, ‘TriVersity Talk!’ features Jason “Bea” Schmidt–The Dorothy–of the hilarious trio, the Golden Gays NYC. Wendy and Steven can’t wait to learn more from Jason about what inspired his love of the great Bea Arthur, how “The Golden Girls” shaped LGBTQ+ culture, and what life is like when Jason isn’t dressed liked Dorothy!
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Bring your questions, and, after the show, head to our online forum at for further discussion.
More on Jason: Jason Bea Schmidt, The Dorothy. Jason is the world’s premier Bea Arthur impersonator. He lives “down the shore” in Neptune, NJ with his husband and poodle. He’s an actor, voice-over talent, and member of the hilarious drag trio the Golden Gays NYC! His Golden Girls journey began with “Thank You for Being a Friend: The Musical” spurning his one “woman” show “Beatrice Arthur: Astral Dame”, and then spurning the Golden Gays NYC. What’s next? Golden Girls: Infinity Wars?! He has worked alongside drag legends Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Flotilla DeBarge, and Lady Bunny in his extensive off-Broadway, Cabaret, and Comedy Club credits.

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