‘TriVersity Talk!’ featuring Alexis Hunter

LIVE on Thursday, September 16th at 7 pm ET, TriVersity Talk! welcomes artist, couture jewelry designer, and author Alexis Hunter, AKA Rachel Lansing. Alexis is the author of Joi Lansing – A Body to Die For. Join us as we discuss Alex’s life, love, and talents. We will also dive into other important topics such as surviving as an LGBTQ actor, body dysmorphia, and the costs of trying to stay relevant in a beauty-obsessed Hollywood.

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More on Alexis: Alexis Hunter, AKA Rachel Lansing, is the author of ‘Joi Lansing – A Body to Die For.’ Joi Lansing may have been the last of Hollywood’s blonde bombshells, but she was also victim to its vile, indeed murderous system of control. With ‘Joi Lansing: A Body to Die For,’ Alexis, herself a victim of studio “indentured servitude” and Lansing’s partner and spouse during the starlet’s final years, offers her tell-all, now available in a new, frank edition set for these post- #MeToo years.

In addition to writing, Alexis is also an accomplished artist and couture jewelry designer. As her art has always been a healing balm, channeling her creativity has always been a natural reflex. Whether be it her painting or jewelry making her careful eye for detail has made her work worthy of the accolades it has received over the decades.

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