Thanks Richard & Steven Bloomer-Teague!

Thank You

Thank you to Richard & Steven Bloomer-Teague for their generous donation to TriVersity’s Holiday Gala silent auction!

Not only are these two wonderful men active members in the community, but they’re board members, too. Both Richard and Steven had huge roles in making the Holiday Gala such a fun night, and we couldn’t be luckier to have their support.

Richard is TriVersity’s Treasurer and throws one fabulous party, to boot! Recently, he organized the hugely successful Pike County Pride as well as brought in donations, found vendors, shopped, and even decorated for this years’ Holiday Gala. Steven is currently still President of TriVersity (and continues in that role until we find his replacement…Thanks!) Steven is who brought TriVersity’s rebranding and updated website into fruition, launched TriVersity Talk! with Wendy Stuart, wrote countless articles for TriVersity News, hosted events, entertained (he has a fabulous voice) and…and… You get the idea!

Thanks again for all you two have done for our little non-profit.

TriVersity loves to share area supporters and boosters with our community, our friends, and our families. With supportive community businesses and a bond of equality for all, let’s grow, build, and share the LOVE!

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