June 5, 2024 Pike County Commissioners Meeting

TriVersity sends its heartfelt appreciation to all the friends and supporters who attended today’s Pike County Commissioners meeting. The room was jam packed and overflowing into the hall. So many passionate, eloquent speakers. (Thank you VIP& Sean Strub.)

We would also like to express our disappointment in the commissioners’ decision NOT to declare June 2024 Pride month in Pike County. Their inaction is tantamount to condoning the hatred expressed by a small (but clearly influential) section of our local community.
TriVersity wants to remind all members of the LGBTQ+ community that we are always here for them. We have been fighting to support this community since 2009 and clearly our work is not done.

Stop in at the Center and enjoy the company of some of the best people around. Everyone is welcome. Regardless of the inaction of the Pike County Commissioners, PRIDE LIVES HERE.

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