Stephen William Kroll

Stephen W. Kroll, October 27, 1959 – December 27, 2023

The TriVersity Pride Center wishes to thank the Partner, Family and Friends of Stephen Kroll for their generosity in establishing the Stephen Kroll Youth Empowerment Fund endowment for the support of our local LGBTQ+ youth. Through their generosity, we have been able to continue to provide much needed programs and services to those who often are at the most risk, our youth.

With these donations, our Center is able to offer our teen and youth groups a gathering space that is a safe haven in a world that is all too often hostile to those of us who are – different. Thank you to Stephen’s partner Dennis, his family and friends for their support.

“Our beloved Stephen was brilliant, compassionate, and unfailingly generous. He was also tormented. He grew up in an age that refused to acknowledge anyone who was different—enduring bullying and prejudice through much of his childhood and youth—sometimes even from his family.

   Nevertheless, he persevered, striving to be better, despite the sometimes enormous obstacles, and to be reconciled with those who wronged him.

   We are bereft that death took him from us too soon. In his memory we have dedicated ourselves to supporting the educational and support efforts of TriVersity, so that other young people may have a safer, kinder journey of discovery.”


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