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Hi everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Steven Teague and I am the Executive Director of TriVersity. If you’re reading this, then you may have noticed some changes to our look and to our site. In just a few short paragraphs of your time, I wanted to walk you through those changes and what they mean for you and our organization.

First off, the logo. While we love our original logo, the Board and I decided the time had come for a bit of a makeover. Gotta keep things fresh! After we decided to do some brand updating, we began working on the concept for our new logo with some goals in mind. We wanted a logo that reflected our quirkiness. Something fun and fabulous versus austere and serious. We also wanted the logo to reflect our diversity as a Pride community and to indicate our values as an organization. We figured that’s a lot to pack into a logo but why not give it a shot?

Over the years, we’d received some complaints that people did not get why we changed our name to TriVersity. More than one person has told us that they don’t get what TriVersity even means. Still, we love our name and what it represents: a Tri-state organization whose Tri-fold mission centers around Diversity, i.e. TriVersity. For goodness sakes, who doesn’t love a good portmanteau!? With a solid rebranding, our hope was that everyone would appreciate “TriVersity” as much as we do.

Naturally, I’m a tad biased but I think our rebrand hits the mark. I think we can all agree that we nailed it on the quirkiness front, but that quirkiness serves a purpose. Each letter presents a unique size, shape, and color, just like us. Yet, despite the differences in each letter, they combine to create something really cool…just like us. 

We then decided to add a tagline, because all of the best brands have a tag or slogan of some sort. Again I’m biased, but the tag is simple yet effective: Community. Diversity. Equality. These words ultimately sum up our goal as a Center: to bring together our community to promote diversity and equality. I’m not going to type out our entire mission statement here, but head here to see how these few tag words encapsulate our mission and philosophy.  And for those who might not understand what TriVersity means we thought the three words with  Diversity at the Center, would provide a solid context clue. 

So there you have it, a new look for a new era. We hope you like it.

Second, the website. If you want to come across as a professional organization, you need a professional website. Moreover, we need a space for everyone to access our content and community forum, not just Facebook users. This site, beautifully constructed by Geekists, provides us just what we were looking for and more. Although we are still working out some of the kinks, you can see at a glance what an improvement this site is over the old one. While we continue to use social media, anything we post to social media or our email list, for instance, our Newsletter, will appear on this site. You can come here to find our event information or to give a donation. You can read articles written by members of our TriVersity family. We expect that our support page will grow to become a tremendous resource on a wide array of topics/concerns. Heck, you or someone visiting or new to the area can even pop over for some tourism info. Finally, we have a community forum for you to post topics and comments in four areas: Education, Health, Legal, and Personal Stories. To interact (by that I mean post information or comments) with the forum all you have to do is create a free “ruby” membership account. We ask that you create that membership for troll-prevention purposes. That said, you can view all content on the TriVersity page without needing to create an account.  

Third, the Gem Membership Program. Like a number of nonprofits, TriVersity decided to introduce a membership/patronage program in order to recognize the individuals and organizations who keep our organization going strong. Therefore, we are introducing the Gem Membership Program. Why gems? They’re pretty and, like, rainbows! Yes, I’m “that” gay. As you can see when you check out the different memberships, each membership comes with it’s own set of special tokens of gratitude that increase progressively with each new membership status. Over the course of one year (the membership period), you may start out as a Citrine member and progress to a Diamond member. Whether or not you’re a gem member, however, your donation is much appreciated! Also, to become a ruby member, all you have to do is create an account.

Finally, the Merch. In the face of the Pandemic, all nonprofit organizations have been faced with unique fundraising challenges and have pursued unconventional methods to raise funds for their organizations. We are no exception. In plotting a post-Pandemic strategy, we decided that if we were going to create a fabulous new logo, why not put it to good use? Thus, we’ve decided to sell some “merch!” Through your purchase of any piece merch, you are not only showing others your support of TriVersity, Pride Centers, and the LGBTQ+ community more generally, you are also helping to keep TriVersity alive and thriving. You’ll probably see me becoming a walking TriVersity advertisement!

Alrighty, so these are our changes in a nutshell. We hope you like them. If you have any questions, just head to the “contact us” section of the website or message me at steventeague@triversitycenter.org.

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  1. Love the look and feel of the new website. The language, colors, Logo, Gem membership levels and the tag line are brilliant! Thank you all for your commitment to our community and for all you do! Kudos!

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