Making Change and Connections in Your Community by Daniel Sherwin


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Making Change and Connections in Your Community

Few would argue that times are hard. For this reason, many people are seeking ways to promote change in their communities. The global pandemic has shown people the importance of essential workers. For some, making a difference in the world has prompted a shift toward careers that matter most. If you’re trying to figure out a way you can make a difference in the world and improve your own quality of life, read on as ​​TriVersity shares a few ways you could help.

Identifying Your Cause and Network

Whether you hope to make a change in the world through a social justice cause, a voter registration initiative, a neighborhood safety campaign, or something else you’re passionate about, the first thing you’ll need to do is some research.

Take a look at ways others have addressed the same or similar causes in other places. Look at ways you can apply their ideas to your own community. Perhaps you live in Milford, PA. Researching similar communities and acts of charity TriVersity is implementing successfully can be a great way to start.

When in doubt, reach out to others who are already making change. In most cases, they’ll be glad to give you ideas, add you to their network, and even offer a hand in spreading the word about your own plans.

Becoming a Nurse

For those who are specifically concerned about the pandemic and health, one way to promote healthier communities and compassion is a career change. Many are signing up for nursing programs, opting to work in emergency rooms, and even volunteering on vaccine drives.

If you’re someone who’s passionate about health and making a big impact, now might be a great time to become a nurse. Earning a nursing degree will equip you with concrete skills to find work in the health care industry. Online degree programs let you pursue your degree while providing the flexibility to work full-time and manage other responsibilities. Just make sure any program you pick is accredited and affordable. You may even qualify for scholarship programs.

Promoting Your Cause

If you’re serious about a community event, a fundraiser, public education, or something else, you’ll need to find ways to make great use of social media. Like it or not, technology is the fastest way to get the word out about any cause.

Take some time to look at blogs, vlogs, websites, and social media platforms promoting causes that are the same or similar to those you’re interested in. Write down a list of the pros and cons of trying each tactic for your own plan. Where you can, reach out to creators and advocates to join their networks. The reality is that anyone with a big platform now was once where you are and may welcome you and your cause with open arms.

Making a Difference

In the end, your ability to make a difference adds up to how much time and work you plan to put into the cause. In educating yourself, doing your research, connecting with others, and being brave enough to put yourself out there on social media, you’ll have a great start at making positive change in the world.


More on Daniel Sherwin: Danial Sherwin, a single dad of two, created with a goal to help equip other dads with resources regarding single parenthood. He considers raising his 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son both an adventure and a blessing.

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