‘TriVersity Talk!’ featuring Kan Seidel & Wes Enos of ‘The Generations Project’!

LIVE AT A SPECIAL TIME on Thursday, November 11th at 5 pm, TriVersity Talk! features Kan Seidel and Wes Enos from The Generations Project! Wendy and Steven look forward to discussing with Kan and Wes the mission of The Generations Project, the power of storytelling, and the importance of intergenerational LGBTQ+ solidarity.
Check us out on Facebook, YouTube, or right here at TriVersityCenter.org.
More on The Generations Project, Wes, & Kan: The Generations Project (TGP) connects generations of LGBTQ+ people by curating in-person and virtual storytelling programs to advance cross-community engagement, preserve LGBTQ+ history and foster intergenerational solidarity. We strive to make the learning of underrepresented perspectives of LGBTQ+ history a community-building and entertaining experience for everyone. Wes Enos is the founder and Executive Director and Kan Seidel is Program Director and lead workshop facilitator.







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